From the first watching of his ted talk, James Geary opened my eyes on the interesting network of thought that is the metaphor. I truly think that going through the transcript of his talk proved to deepen my understanding of his points even more. Having to think of the visuals used in the ted talk video and connect them to the transcript and write them down really imprinted them into my memory. Geary connected metaphor to music by mentioning Elvis, and his song “All Shook Up”. This connection had me wondering how many metaphors could be present in some of my favorite songs, which as it turns out, there is a lot. I did also notice that some of the tests mentioned in the talk, like the Stroop test, connected to things I learned in psychology last year. This connection helped me to understand how many aspects of my major can connect to my other subjects, since we learned about cognitive dissonance last year. I think this connection showed how vast metaphorical thought can be, and how it “keeps the mind shaking, rattling, and rolling, long after Elvis has left the building”.