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blog #16

Science and Art– both essential to everyday life. If you think about it, art is everywhere you look… the ugly carpet of the average classroom? Yeah, thats art. So is the pattern on your T-Shirt. Now, science is even more apparent. The laptop I am typing this on was created from science, so was the makeup on my face and the perfume I sprayed on this morning. If these two important aspects of our lives are everywhere, and are so often combined, why cant they be taught together? Many people are stuck in the pattern of favoring a STEM education, and overlooking the possibility of STEAM eduction. It figures this is the case, since people tend to be stuck in their ways and fear change.

blog #18

When beginning a new essay, I find that it is easiest for me to form my ideas into words if I do brainstorming activities. If I have a general idea of what I would like to write about, I am usually able to just type and see where it goes. Often times when I try to write my ideas, I have trouble finding the words and putting them on the paper. For me, it is just easier to think through the essay while I write, rather than having a written outline. Another activity I tend to do, though not the most ideal or beneficial, is wait til about midnight or 1 am and just type every word that comes to mind on the topic and edit it the following day. My version of brain storming activity is not the best or easiest to provide evidence for.

Blog #14

In Necessary Edges: Arts, Empathy, and Education was written by Yo Yo Ma. In his bio, it discusses his past accomplishments in both writing and music, as well as the past publishing of Necessary Edges. In the bio, it is also discusses the point of the writing, which is the impact of art and the empathy art provokes. His point of view is that art is essential to have balanced mind. He also touches on the importance of a STEAM education since it incorporates art and science together, rather than STEM. The purpose of reading this essay is to enlighten ourselves on the importance of empathy, science, and art as well as the combination of the two in education.

3 words I was unsure of the meaning of include: -lewd– crude and offensive in a sexual way -repertoire– skills a person is able to perform -lascivious– feeling or revealing an overt and often offensive sexual desire.

peer review 2

For my peer review, I edited Sam’s essay. My revisions were resolved since she turned in the essay, but this was the final comment I left on her essay:

Katies Note: Overall really good!! Your topics follow throughout the paper and aren’t confusing. A thing that could be improved is the consistency with explanations of quotes, some are gone in depth and others aren’t really explained very much. The paper flows well but I think if you work on some of the transitional phrases introducing paragraphs, quotes, or in paragraphs in general then the flow would be even better. You had many good points within your essay! Some of them would work to strengthen your intro paragraph if they were mentioned in it. You also had a lot of strong quotes that help with the flow of the essay. Your conclusion is very strong as well! Overall your essay is really strong.

blog #13

They Say/I Say Question 2 Response

Part 1–

Part 2– I did see a few patterns when re reading my essay on use of metaphorical language in medicine. I used the word metaphor or military metaphor quite a bit, but this makes sense due to the essay topic. There were a few occasions within the essay that I had repetitive sentences, but not many

Part 3– I think I tend to rely on making my essays and writings sound like me when I talk. Writing in this technique has seemed to not only help get my ideas across, but also allows me to connect with the reader more and keep their attention.

Part 4– A couple of my paragraphs could use some work, possibly with better transitions and pointing terms to help with the overall flow.

Blog #12

This essay’s peer review was highly beneficial for me since I was having trouble finding my words in this essay. Based on the peer edits I received I need to improve my thesis and its clarity, as well as the wording. I also need to improve the connections of my points to the thesis, and possibly rework the order of paragraphs to improve the flow of my paragraphs. I also need to work on creating more depth with my ideas, by elaborating on ideas mentioned and expanding the explanations of my quotes. I think my biggest challenge is going to be expanding on my ideas, just because some of them are harder to explain especially if I want to include text to self and text to world connections. The corrections given by both Sarah and Professor Emerson also supported these corrections, as well as a few grammatical corrections. I appreciate all corrections since they improve the overall flow of the essay as well as improve the paper overall.

Blog #11

My personality and confidence has done a complete 180 since coming to college here at UNE. Granted, my high school was on the larger side, my class was about 600 students, but is small compared to UNE. Even with this large of a class I still felt the need to go with the crowd instead of being who I am. This is the opposite of the interviewee in Marie’s interview project, her friend who felt that “in a smaller school, you’re kind of forced to step out of your comfort zone because I feel there are more opportunities to do that.” To me, being in a larger school setting has allowed me to express myself in many different ways and to just not care as much about what others think. After all, most of them I probably won’t see too often, so why should I care? I still am who I was in high school for the most part. In the work of Strawson on I am not a story, she touches on being different people at different times which relates to Marie’s interview, and to “consider itself as itself, the same thinking thing, in different times and places”. Marie’s interviewee talks about being different in changing social situations, which relates directly to the quote. I can not only relate to this due to different school sizes, but also by the people I’m around. In classes, I tend to be quieter but it is the opposite when I’m with my close friends or in public. I believe that personality and behavior changes with environments.

blog #10

Upon re reading Strawson’s essay “I am not a Story“, I noticed a few new things and aspects of the essay that supported the aspect of being different people in different situations. A lot of the new examples I had found further supported my understanding and the ideas I was able to grasp from the first reading. Especially when Strawson writes, “consider itself as itself, the same thinking thing, in different times and places” really helped to clarify some of the interpreted ideas. Another instance of clarity was a quote of Psychologist Dan P McAdams, ” We are all storytellers , and we are the stories we tell.” To me, this illustrates that the stories we tell of our selves and of our lives can shape not only how other people view us and perceive us, but how we view and perceive ourselves. It was also expressed in this essay that “by developing and operating with an autobiographical narrative which acts as a lense through which we experience the world” which helps to support the claim that the stories we tell of ourselves help shape our view of the world around us and ourselves.

Blog #9

Gallen’s essay had many aspects to it that truly stuck out to me, especially when he brought psychologists into his work since I have learned about some of them in past classes. He mentions Erik Erikson, who is well known for coining the phrase “identity crisis” which fits well with the topic. From Erikson’s 1968 work titled Identity: Youth and Crisis, the psychologist explains that “various selves…make up our composite Self”, which I think ties the basic point of this article up quite well, at least the authors perspective on personality.

I have felt impeded by my life story at times. Sometimes when meeting new people I tend to just share the positive/ideal aspects of life and ignore the negative, to be fair most people do this as well. Part of this mindset it because of the “happy moments only” requirement of social media, and of society in general. I do relate to Gallen with the multiple aspects of self point of view. I feel like that I can be a different person in some situations, or with certain people then in other settings. I think the different aspects of my personality all come together as one, but at the same time they can come out at different times. I really liked when he used the metaphor mentioned in philosopher Mary Midgley’s writing Wickedness, where the different aspects of personality are referred to as “organising the inner crowd”, I think this really puts my thoughts into words in a way.

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