The first mode I chose to use was a photo depicting two girls. One of the girls was shown elated, with different likes and comments around her head, the second girl however was sad and had less likes and comments. I chose this photo because it depicts one of my essay’s main points, that social media is bad for the mental health of its users.

The second mode I chose to incorporate in my multimodal essay was another photo depicting multiple women of different body types. Around the women were negative thoughts they felt about their body as well as words in quotes that have been said to them. I chose to incorporate this photo because I felt that it accurately portrayed the paragraph that I mention body dysmorphia and negative body image in. It really put the words I use into a photo.

The third mode I chose to incorporate was a TED talk in which the speaker talked about how screens make us less happy. In this TED talk by Adam Alter, he discusses how even the biggest leaders in the tech industry limit the screen time their kids can have, even Steve Jobs did it. He also discusses the different ways companies limit the screen time of their employees to increase productivity and happiness, and lower stress levels. I chose to include this presentation because I feel that it is a different point of view into the affect of social media and technology on adults and the things done to help them, instead of focusing on teenagers.