In using MLA format, there are specific guidelines to meet to do it correctly. In doing so, the overall format must match as well as the way quotes are integrated and cited within the body of the paper, and the works cited page at the end of the paper must be done properly. In our class discussions, we talked about how to properly cite different kinds of sources within our essays like research studies, television shows, TED talks, articles, books, etc.. I think that what we covered in class this semester was extremely helpful in establishing what MLA format done well looks like, as well as how to do it correctly. It was definitely hard in the first essay to do MLA format, since in high school, the format was never really gone over or used. Some examples of my in text citations:

research study: “…social media may create a compelling context for online body-related social comparison “(Higgins et. al. 2018). “

article: “Ma states that we “live in such a measuring society, people tend to put a person in a box they can put on their mental shelf”(Ma 5).”

MLA works cited:

Works Cited

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