Between reading Anne Lamotts essay entitled Shitty First Drafts, and my own first draft of an essay, I did make several connections. I did relate strongly to the concept she explored of just letting yourself type whatever came to mind, then editing it later. This technique is usually how I end up writing essays, essentially just word vomit edited to make sense. I also related to the whole excruciatingly long paragraphs subject too. I tend to do this when expanding on the concept I’m trying to write about, or when I’m trying to overdo the word count on the rough draft… Overall I did enjoy Lamott’s take on the torture that is the first rough draft, I did not think rough drafts are bad enough to equate wishing to getting hit by a car, although depending on the subject it is on, you never know.

Revision Plan Strategy

  • Work on grammar in some areas
  • Cut down on run on sentences
  • Reword explanations
  • Work on being less repetitive with some phrases
  • Go over topic each paragraph is covering and make connections to thesis more clear
  • Work on developing a more clear thesis
  • Find more quotes from other works other than Khullar
  • more additions to come, waiting to recieve other 2 peer edits back