Upon re reading Strawson’s essay “I am not a Story“, I noticed a few new things and aspects of the essay that supported the aspect of being different people in different situations. A lot of the new examples I had found further supported my understanding and the ideas I was able to grasp from the first reading. Especially when Strawson writes, “consider itself as itself, the same thinking thing, in different times and places” really helped to clarify some of the interpreted ideas. Another instance of clarity was a quote of Psychologist Dan P McAdams, ” We are all storytellers , and we are the stories we tell.” To me, this illustrates that the stories we tell of our selves and of our lives can shape not only how other people view us and perceive us, but how we view and perceive ourselves. It was also expressed in this essay that “by developing and operating with an autobiographical narrative which acts as a lense through which we experience the world” which helps to support the claim that the stories we tell of ourselves help shape our view of the world around us and ourselves.