My personality and confidence has done a complete 180 since coming to college here at UNE. Granted, my high school was on the larger side, my class was about 600 students, but is small compared to UNE. Even with this large of a class I still felt the need to go with the crowd instead of being who I am. This is the opposite of the interviewee in Marie’s interview project, her friend who felt that “in a smaller school, you’re kind of forced to step out of your comfort zone because I feel there are more opportunities to do that.” To me, being in a larger school setting has allowed me to express myself in many different ways and to just not care as much about what others think. After all, most of them I probably won’t see too often, so why should I care? I still am who I was in high school for the most part. In the work of Strawson on I am not a story, she touches on being different people at different times which relates to Marie’s interview, and to “consider itself as itself, the same thinking thing, in different times and places”. Marie’s interviewee talks about being different in changing social situations, which relates directly to the quote. I can not only relate to this due to different school sizes, but also by the people I’m around. In classes, I tend to be quieter but it is the opposite when I’m with my close friends or in public. I believe that personality and behavior changes with environments.