It’s a funny thing, Ive never really thought about the significance of language in my life, at least not for longer than a fleeting moment. In this podcast, a story is told of a man, aged 27, who doesn’t really have a language. He cant speak, or hear, and when using sign language he just repeats what was said to him back, rather than replying. Things like speaking and hearing and the ability to have conversation seem so unimportant, until you hear about someone who doesn’t have it. We use language in so many ways on an everyday basis. I’d like to say I have a good relationship with language, after all I have never had issues with it and have always understood every concept in English class, and even did well incorporating a completely different language. Im sure my father would say differently, he has dyslexia. In the future, I see language being quite important as I continue my education and go on the job search.