I think the four main areas I should work on with my essay is organization, repetitiveness, run on sentences, and making my ideas more clear in each paragraph. Having multiple peer edits on my rough draft was very helpful, the different editing styles all gave different feedbacks, all of which were very helpful in their own ways. Organization was an issue because I had a whole paragraph that seemed out of place, and didnt really fit with the topic and my thesis as well as the others. This was brought to my attention in multiple of the reviews. Another area of focus for editing would be reworking any snetneces or sections that just seemed repetitive or if I used words too often. This was another common correction, I think I was using it to try to connect each paragraph together or I just favored certain phrasing that made ideas seem similar. Run-on sentences was only in a handful of spots, but was still quite relevent. I tend to have long winded explanations of topics that are hard to cut down, and many of them could easily be split into multiple sentences. My ideas are generally made clear in body paragraphs, but a couple of them were a little hazy to find. Im glad we did group peer edits, although a tad awkard, they proved beneficial.