Whilst reading a new article or essay, I take a few steps in order to fully absorb and understand the information in front of me. First, I will annotate the work by using a combination of underlining, circling, summarizing paragraphs, and by identifying and defining words that I’m not sure of  meaning. Along with these actions, I often choose to re read the work a few times to fully understand the context. One of the works we have read this semester that I used these techniques is Dhruv Khullar work titled “The Trouble With Medicines Metaphors”, which was definitely one of the pieces that I needed to read a few times. For this piece, I knew I would want to use a lot of  it and the points discussed in the essay for that section, so I really dug in. I read it once and found a few key quotes that stuck out to me, and underlined those. I continued to pick out some quotes but also began to point out general ideas that stuck out to me while reading it again. With this work especially, I did a decent amount of summarizing in the margins to fully grasp the paragraphs. This was also seen in Susan Gilroy’s writing piece titled “Interrogating Texts: 6 Reading Habits to Develop in Your First Year at Harvard”, she writes that when reading an essay, you should “take the information apart, look at its parts, and then try to put it back together again in language that is meaningful to you”Doing this and rewording the paragraphs in my own words really helped me to understand the concepts being talked about. This essay connects quite a bit to psychology, which is my major so it was really interesting to see the crossover, and I think that is part of the reason this article really stuck out to me.