In my selected writing piece, I used my sources as a way to not only improve my paper, but to support my claims and ideas. The topic of this paper was to discuss the impact social media has on the mental health of teens. For this paper, I had multiple sources that we used in class as well as a psychological research essay. Since it was a multimodal essay, I included multiple photographs as well as a TED talk on the subject. In using these devices and sources, integration was extremely important to connect them all and to keep the flow of the essay even. I used the regular ways to include quotes. That is, integration, summarization, as well as explanation. I think that, especially in this essay, my technique of integration has improved vastly from the beginning of the year and even more so since high school essays. On example of integration from this essay is

Granted, I use nearly every social media platform almost everyday, so I can attest to the fact that they are, in fact, causing more “lower body esteem, greater depressive symptoms, and a host of other maladaptive outcomes” as well as “body comparisons with peers may provide women with a “standard” toward which to strive…previous research suggests that social media may create a compelling context for online body-related social comparison “(Higgins et. al. 2018).